Helpful Links

At Cartaya Law, we believe in empowering and educating our clients. We know legal proceedings can be daunting and no help is ever enough, so here is a list of resources we think could help:

  1. Legal Line :

A free, thorough and easy to understand website that contains over 1,200 answers to help you navigate through complex legal proceedings. Their information is available in 107 languages and they offer live telephone help Monday to Friday / 9 – 5 p.m.

Legal Line prt screen

2. Legal Aid Ontario  :

For persons of limited means, Legal Aid Ontario offers certificates which allow clients to access legal services they couldn’t otherwise afford. The website explains the requirements and steps obtain a certificate as well as other relevant legal aid information. Not all Ontario lawyers accept Legal Aid certificates, so always check first! (At Cartaya Law we are proud to accept Legal Aid clients.)

Legal Aid Ontario

 3. LawFacts – A Guide From Legal Aid Ontario :

As their website explains “Written by Legal Aid Ontario lawyers and staff from across Ontario, the goal of LawFacts is to answer questions about common legal issues and improve access to justice for all Ontarians”. Although the page needs some optimization and at times can take longer to load, it has helpful information on legal areas such as Family, Criminal, and Refugee Law.

LawFacts legal aid

  4. CLEO  :

Community Legal Education Ontario has a well-organized and easy to understand website that will show you interactive flowcharts, guides and charts, as well as workshops and webinars. The website is very dynamic and offers content in multiple languages.


 5. Law Society of Ontario :

The Law Society of Ontario is the regulatory body for lawyers and paralegals practicing in the province. It offers legal resources ranging from lawyer and paralegals directories to guides about handling everyday legal problems.  Its information topics cover the areas of Government Resources, Boards and Tribunals, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Wills and Estates, and Tickets and Fines.